Sunday, January 10, 2010

On our way,,

Well we are well and truely in 2010. We've been really busy designing some new kits, which we will release real soon.
Here's a sneak peek at one of them.

Some delicious new German Scrap is online now at Wednesdays Wishes
Here's some of the designs.
Ornate Corners


Antique Embellishments

We love to see what you do with our kits, how your creations turn out. How you find the instructions etc. Renee sent us an email on Friday sharing her Enchanted Angel and the little story of where it lives now,
heres what she had to say -

Hi Maxine and Audrey
I just wanted to thank you both very much for the gorgeous Enchanted Angel kit. She has been sitting in my room just waiting for me to find the time to make her. Finally these last couple of days, I managed to make her. I have to tell you, she was an absolute delight to make, and I have learned some wonderful new things. I have attached a photo of her just in case you would like to see. Unfortunately I can no longer claim her as my own. My two girls have fallen in love with her as well, so she now sits and watches over them in their bedroom. Thank you for giving me the chance to make this gorgeous girl.

Kindest Regards

Max and I happened to be together when the email came in and read it at the same time. When we reach the line *Unfortunately I can no longer claim her as my own*, we both let out a 'Oh Nooo!!!!', but of course read futher about the Angel now watching over her two little girls in their bedroom, there was a sigh of relief and an 'ahhh!!' How beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing with us Renee.

Renee's Angel

For those of you with children home for the school holidays, hopefully you are not tearing your hair out too much and maybe even squeezing in some creating time. Stay sane ;0)

Happy Creating
Audrey and Maxine

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